Excalibur Internal Pipe Cutter

The Excalibur Internal Pipe Cutter tool is designed for quick abandonment/removal of pipelines, risers and piles with virtually no ground disturbance. The Excalibur Internal Pipe Cutter is well suited for work in remote areas due to its lightweight and durable construction and ability for easy disassembly. The Excalibur Internal Pipe Cutter maintains a 20-30 minute cut time depending on wall thickness, pipe grade and operator experience. The Excalibur Internal Pipe Cutter is available in 2.00", 3.00", 4.00", 6.00", and 10.00" NTI also has 2.50", 5.00", and 8.00" Adaptor Kits. NTI assembles and supplies rubber plugs for pipe abandonment that are available in 2.00”, 3.00”, 4.00”, 6.00”, and 8.00".

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Maintenance and repair of all NuTech Innovations tools are performed by in-house technicians. We strive to provide same day or next day service as we understand the daily demands of field operations. Due to our manufacturing capabilities, we provide excellent support on all our products as well as maintaining a strong parts inventory.

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You know what is required to solve a problem but may need some help with the solution. We can help make your concept a reality. Using 3D design software and equipment on-site, we can take a concept to design and prototype with efficiency. Our design and manufacturing capability is augmented by our field experience to develop solutions that work in the real world.
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Our Ongoing Mission

Our mission is to develop and support new, durable products to enable our industry partners to operate efficiently, at lower costs with a reduced environmental impact.
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About NuTech Innovations Inc.

NuTech Innovations Inc. (NTI) is an Alberta-owned company that commenced operations in June 2010. We manufactured downhole Coiled Tubing and E-Coil tools for the oil and gas industry. By 2017 we had developed the first version of the Excalibur line of Internal Pipe Cutters. Our ongoing mission is to develop and support new and durable products that enable our industry partners to operate efficiently, with lower costs and reduced environmental impact.
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